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The Ultimate Road Trip

So me and a few friends decided to do one of our dream road trips, which I think is 1 of every car persons dreams and with the Type R it was perfect. A road trip from Ireland to the Nordschleife. So I packed my Mountain bike in the back and set of from my home town in Ireland straight to the ferry for wales and drove through some incredible roads in wales all the way down to Brighton, to pick up the lads. We then got the ferry over to Calais and drove up through France, Belgium and the Netherland through the night. Which then brought us into Germany. And what do you do in Germany when you have a fast car, you find the nearest Autobahn. So we did a top speed run in the Type R and clocked a crazy 170mph/273kph, with 3 people and a Mountain bike in the back 😂. We then spent the first day exploring the MTB ZONE Bike park in Willingen. We spent 8hrs tearing up some trails. Loved the rough European single track trails was crazy the 3 of us sending it down the mountain.

And that was just the start of the trip.

We then made our way through some amazing mountain roads all the way to the Green Hell (Nordschleife). At this point we had racked up about 2000km. When we arrived to the famous assembly paddock area, the rain was falling from the heavens we where talking to loads of people saying it was impossible, there is absolutely no grip out there. So of course we just needed to make sure. Purchased 6 laps and just went for it. Flooring it coming out of the coned pit area I was getting wheel spin all the way to 4th gear. So yea no grip. It was the sketchiest 6 laps of my life. Oversteer understeer, wheel spin on every single one of the 154 corner. And 1 VERY close call. But it was such an incredible experience driving that track in the Wet.

Now I just need to drive it in a Race Car 😉.

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