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Exciting New Opportunities on the Horizon for 2024

Updated: Feb 16

A change in priorities for 2024 to achieve other opportunities within the world of aviation.

“With racing, you're always working ahead and building towards the next race, project or opportunities for success. Planning is essential to achieve your goals, therefore, putting a short pause from racing to start 2024 with additional experiences and chase a dream I've always had - Pilot license.” 

“I feel taking a side step from racing is required for me to succeed in doing what I actually want in the ways I want to do it. This will allow me to plan out a clear path for late 2024/2025 racing more efficiently and prepare properly for next season.”

“Nevertheless, racing is a huge part of my life and dreams, ongoing will always be my main priority, although I am super excited to be working with the Ulster flying club in getting my pilot license and ticking off another thing on my bucket list. While planning some exciting things for racing in the background I can't wait to get the year underway. Big things happening 2024.”


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