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A Podium on Debut

What better place to start after being out of the driving seat for 2 years than a 9 hour race with a new car, new track, new team against some of the best drivers in the world. It was certainly a very difficult return but this is what fuelled the motivation for the weekend and focussing on the process and their own performance is exactly what brought Reece and the number 20 SPS Mercedes to the podium after an intense 9 hours of racing.

“What a start to the year and my new partnership with SPS and Mercedes, It was a very challenging weekend having to deal with so many new things, but this weekend was for me to break the ice with the team and to get back into a racing environment to see what I needed to improve to be ready for the year ahead. And that was very much achieved. But to come away with a podium on my debut was just an incredible start. Huge thanks to my teammates Miguel and Luca for their dedication and support through the entire weekend as well as the entire SPS team. Its been a tough couple of year but I'm excited to be back"

The 9 hours was a gruelling test of focus and fitness with the ambient being as high as 33 degrees Celsius and in car being as high as 60 it was certainly a very demanding race. Having to perform perfectly every lap for an hour at a time with no mistakes. Performing flawless pitstops and jumping out and into the car during on track battles and having to be on it immediately. Then dealing with sunset and no vison or references and having to keep the pace while relearning the track. That is Endurance racing it is definitely the pinnacle of the sport, testing everything it is to being a professional racing driver. An experience that Reece can build on and come back even stronger.

Now we go for the Next one 😉

Thank you to everyone involved and extended supporters in London and Belfast.

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