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Intense 2022 Season Prep

I always like kicking off the year with a super intense training camp with especially other elite drivers so that we can push each other and truly find our competitive limits. There is no better place to do that than the Motor and Sport institute in Madrid. I arrived on the Wednesday and the camp consisted of three back to back day with one of the day clocking 7 hours of intense exercise. Which is crazy but everything is tailored to racing so we where covering very specific routines like balance exercises for example kneeling on a bosu ball with a steering weight and visualising a lap of a chosen race track, so we covered a lot of different elements. And as well as having some of the best recover equipment in world which aloud us to do these back to back days, feeling refreshed and recover with the combination of the Vacuu Machine and the cryosence (-200 degrees therapy). All in all everything we did was specific to our plans for racing this year and to discover any weaknesses and work on them before the start of the season.

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