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Podium in the Austrian Mountains

P3 Finally get to taste some champagne 🍾. It was a solid day behind the wheel of the #20@sps_performance Merc. Coming from P13 with Mikaeel getting us back to P7 at the start and a full push by myself with some nice overtakes and fast consistent laps. It's great to be back on the podium where we belong but there is still 2 more steps to climb so we make some improvements and go for my Quali tomorrow morning and see what we can do 💪🏻

@redbullring over and out 👊🏼. First @gtopen.official overall podium. And the youngest podium pairing to date. This result is a true representation of what we can do. But you can't have the ups without the downs, after a great Quali on day 2 to put it on P4 (0.17 of pole) and a great start to keep my position in Race 2 with the pace to go forward, we unfortunately got hit by a particular Pro Audi driver with an over enthusiastic move on his part which caused exhaust damage and meant we where more than 10kph down on the straights so we where a sitting duck. Another podium potential taken away through no fault of our own but we really proved our true speed and racing this weekend and we will be coming for that top step at Monza in 2 weeks. 🍾🏆

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