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A weekend of what could have been

Spa Franchorchamps one of the best circuits in the world and Reece's personnel favourite. Featuring the famous Eau Rouge Corner apexing at over 240kph flat out; Definitely separates the men from the boys. The weekend started of tough with over 50 cars on track both practice session featured many red flags which resulted in a total of 20 laps of practice with no new tyre runs. This made Quali very difficult. But Reece was feeling the magic of this place and managed to put it on P4 with his first and only clear lap; this lap was P1 for most of the session. With this the #20 was in a great position to start the race. With Mikaeel's great start he was fighting for P3 on the road when he was unfortunately hit from behind and beached in the gravel which resulted in us being 3 laps down by the time it got to my first stint. With a damaged car there wasn't much we could do so. We managed to get one lap back and climb from P51 to P27. Not what we where hoping for but at least the speed was there.

Reece Commented; "I was feeling incredible in the car with Merc and Spa combo it was my dream pairing but it just wasn't meant to be this time as it was all lost before I got in the car but we have learned a lot from this weekend and we will aim for better in the next one"

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